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Re: The original plan for Countdown

What I object to is the assumption that the idea was motivated by some kind of hostility toward Star Trek or its fans. I'm simply trying to explain that there's no reason to assume any such unsavory motive, and that if anything, the evidence suggests that the original idea most likely came from the members of the production team who are the biggest Trek fans. What's unfair is accusing people of negative intentions that they don't actually have, or suggesting negative things about other people based on false information or assumptions. (For instance, you're still saying "his" as if it were all about Abrams, when it was Kurtzman & Orci who wrote the script, and when there are five people -- Lindelof and Burk as well -- involved in all the decision-making.) It's fine to question the ideas, but if you start to make it about the people rather than the ideas -- especially if you do so without getting the facts straight first -- that's a whole other matter.
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