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Re: Ghost Light - What the hell is going on?

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I detest almost everything about the Seventh Doctor's run. Ghost Light is no exception. Absolutely horrible.
I can understand not liking Ghost Light, but this is an attitude I find utterly baffling. My wife (a New Who fan) and I just did a watchthrough of all the Ace stories, and I found it pound-for-pound one of the best periods of the show's history. It bursts with creativity and energy, plays with the show's mythology, creates guest characters that are more than just plot functions, has almost no stock story types. The only Ace story I outright dislike is Silver Nemesis, while Remembrance of the Daleks, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, Battlefield, The Curse of Fenric, and Survival are all top tier stories.

Yeah, I know, different people have different tastes, but sometime different tastes are incomprehensible!
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