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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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If amazon has the correct information and there are actually 7 discs this time in the set, there will have to be a changing in the packaging size.

Don't know if there is place for one more disc in the usually amaray version, in the steelbook versions that i collect, there is certainly not.

So, they either have to just throw in the 7th disc wrapped in a paper sheet or they have to reconfigure the box size.

Not sure, which I'd prefere.
7 discs must be an error. It should be 6 discs, just like season 1.

Disc 1: 4 episodes + bonus features, Discs 2-5: 5 episodes, Disc 6: 2 episodes + bonus features
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7 discs...maybe the number of extras increased.
It's all a screw up on Amazon's part. If you look on the page, the "7 discs" bit is mentioned under the Special Features section... and if you read it fully you will realize that it is simply copy/pasted from the special features listing of the DVD set -- it only lists the old featurettes. The DVD set is 7 discs.

Now, if you look under Product Details, it says 6 discs. But it also says the aspect ratio is 1.85:1, which is incorrect. The takeaway here is, don't trust any of the specs you read on an Amazon blu-ray product page. Just go by the official press release.
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