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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Where's this Polished Turd thing come from? I've never seen a polished turd, but, something shiny and blue, sure as hell doesn't bring up images of turds to me? Turds are black, brown, green, or even orange, (depending upon what you've eaten or what your body may be lacking or have an excess of in the way of nutrients), but, if you're seeing blue turds, it very well may be a good time to go see your Doctor. There's any number of things that come to mind for the shiny/reflectiveness of the suit in that picture, long, long before a polished turd would?

The way the suit looks in that cover pic, I'll be very surprised if the film shows it that color and that reflective, it hasn't looked like that in the trailers so far.
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