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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Like many here, I have 2 maxed out, 3 nearly maxed out and 1 freshly made character and am finding it boring. Getting what I want for the new character now requires so much dilithium and what nots that I'm pretty demotivated in kitting him out with the greatest. What's more, devs have said Season 8 is primarily targeted at new players so I suspect there isn't going to be a wealth of new content for us old timers. At best, I anticipate a new adventure zone and a new reputation faction to grind in season 8.

As for a romulan faction... *yawn* By this time I have so much invested in the Federation in terms of unlocked c-store starships and unique fed-only consoles that I don't even bothered to max out my current 2 kdf characters. So I don't see why I would create a new romulan faction character.

So if Cryptic add my favorite classes, Druids and Rangers, I'll may just jump on the NWN bandwagon instead.
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