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Re: Taylor Swift, Why The Hate?

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And besides, some people like Bob Dylan's singing, so it takes all kinds.
OMG! Now she is being compared to Dylan. Please stop. You may be unaware but Dylan's "singing" was iconic and nearly as revolutionary as his songwriting. It is not a simple matter of, "he had a mediocre voice, as does Taylor, so it's okay to still like her singing".

Pop music had never seen a guy with Dylan's voice stand out front and mesmerize a crowd. His voice ushered in the whole singer songwriter era and was the first pop star to show that you didn't need to have a voice like Sinatra's or Patti Paige's to move a person with your songs.

No, I'm saying that you don't need a great voice to be very successful. Would you have been happier if I'd said Tom Waits, whose singing I actually really like? Or Axl Rose maybe? Take the songwriting out of it; nothing she's ever written can compare with Dylan's writing.

I don't really care about his being revolutionary or changing the types of singing that would be accepted. Ok, no... I appreciate it from a historical perspective. But the best Bob Dylan songs are the ones sung by Joan Baez, or Peter Paul and Mary, or... anybody else, really. Taylor Swift too, probably. So yes, it really is a matter of "he had a mediocre voice, as does Taylor, so it's okay to still like her singing."
Indigo Girls. The best cover of Tangled Up in Blue, EVER!! They also do a killer Watchtower.
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