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Re: Questions on Insurrection, on the Baku

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I'm just amazed at this notion that making someone move for a greater good is like one of the biggest rights violations out there. You must think that eminent domain and episodes like "journey's end" are just horrifying. And yes, I know, the difference is citizenship, but that's a legal distinction, not an ethical one. If the UFP granted automatic citizenship to the Baku retroactively and to be guaranteed after the relocation, would that change what's done? I guess it's just an unbridgeable gap in philosophy. To me, resettlement IF there's a legitimate greater good for doing it, is reasonable and acceptable.
How is it reasonable? They either take injections for the rest of their lives, destroying their culture of no technology, or they are moved off planet and given a death sentence. How is that a reasonable compromise?

er, because BILLIONS are going to get medical benefits from it? The Baku may not care, but that is part of the equation.
From the Federation's point-of-view. Look, if you were asked to help find the cure for cancer, but be subjected to testing materials that could cause you to almost certainly die or be disabled for the rest of your life, would you submit to that experiment? Billions and all who come after you get cured from cancer, you get to die in a vegetative state for the good of all humanity. Would you take that deal?
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