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Re: Picard in a TNG reboot

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The writing team of Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek into Darkness are told to reboot The Next Generation. Now I can see their dilemma right away, what do they do with the Picard character?

Now right off the bat the people in this forum would want the Picard from the TV series faithfully recreated in the new reboot (me too!). An explorer & diplomat who hates children and is not too interested in alien or human women or having a relationship. Won't go on many away missions, sips earl grey tea, enjoys reading a good book in his spare time and does not socialize or fraternize with the crew. Main hobby and interest is archaeology. Not the sort to go in all guns blazing but would rather call a conference and carefully consider the situation with the hope of resolving the issue by diplomatic means.

Not the sort of leading character hollywood craves is it?

So, back to the dilemma. Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof need to reboot Picard. I get the feeling they will throw all these character traits out of the window and turn him into Kirk mk2 and ruin the reboot just to conform to what Hollywood expects of the leading man. Is this what we are destined for? The Picard in the TNG movies (GENS excepted) was absolutely not the Picard from the television show. He became a stereotypical hollywood action man although mostly in the final act. Maybe the Picard of the TNG movies will be merged with reboot Kirk for the nuPicard?

The writing team of Star Trek 2009 and Star Trek into Darkness are pretty good at doing a TOS reboot because of the nature of Kirks character and the perception of him by the media and the masses.... Picard? I don't think they are capable of creating a movie that uses the Picard we know from TNG. I think we would get something totally different.
Sounds like a great idea to me.
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