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Re: Oz the Great and Powerful - Grading & Discussion

Wicked the Musical is so much better.

Go take your spouse to wicked.

This movie is in the past.

Mila in trousers was wrong.

(Modern dresses are mostly stupid, but the old timely stuff is usually a (painful) work of art.)

Oz should have thought she was naked or a lesbian, if he knew what a lesbian was, but definitely a prostitute, since he wouldn't know the difference between girl trousers and bloomers.

Did they say variations of "I'm not the wizard you want but I'm the wizard you need" at least 5 or 6 times?

So blunt.

Evanora got her makeup taken away and that's it? She hadn't been magically castrated at all, she was still just as powerful, only so vainly embarrassed by her appeance that she scampered to live with the Munchkins until a house fell on her rather than cast off some more green lightning and win the day?

(Womans lib and all. Too ugly to be outside. Talk about not owning yourself. If they were sisters or colegues, surely they all knew Evanora was 50 years older than the rest of them?)

Tell you a secret Girl, once you win, you define beauty just like Kim Jong-Il defined the apex of world HIEGHT and intellect from his throne in North Korea.


Was Rachel wearing ruby slippers?


Rami claims that the 1939 movie made up the slippers which weren't in the book so he didn't have to use them, so he didn't.


I bet the old movie made up the bubbles too!

Wicked makes this look like a turd.
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