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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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And it may well be the case, not the first time one of those "world's worst secrets" are still presented as some big event. I just think it will be a let down if the "thing they can't tell us yet" ends up being that.
Again, it sounds like you think they're deliberately concealing their decision. It seems to me as though they just haven't made the decision yet, or at least haven't finalized it to the point that they can definitively announce anything. These things can take time. There are agreements to make, studies to conduct, contracts to negotiate, a whole bunch of stuff that has to be sorted out in order to move a show to a new venue. And sometimes a plan to do one thing can fall through for one reason or another and they have to fall back on plan B. So if people are slow to announce something, it's not to be cagey or secretive; it's just that they don't yet have anything solid enough to announce.
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