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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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They're being really coy if they are just simply planning to air on Disney XD. I mean it's possible but given that it's been seen as a foregone conclusion until recently I'd wonder why all the smoke and mirrors.
I didn't say they'd already decided and were trying to deceive us for some reason; I just said it might be a possibility. It sounds like they're considering a variety of options and haven't decided which one is best yet. All I'm saying is that moving the series to DXD is one of the options they may be considering.
That wasn't necessarily targeted at you specifically just the idea that it might be on XD (expressed by many). And it may well be the case, not the first time one of those "world's worst secrets" are still presented as some big event. I just think it will be a let down if the "thing they can't tell us yet" ends up being that.
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