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Re: The Gods created Man, Man created the Cylons.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
The Final Five all got prophetic visions on Earth, though, which certainly predated Zoe.
The final 5 are Generation One Cylons from Earth, which means that they were also "related" to the Cylons from Kobol who created man. Their hardware seriously predates Zoe but perhaps not their software. The final 5 arrived in 12 colonies space, ended the War by handing over skin job technology, and the Generation threes wandered off, building generation 4s who then mentally castrated all the generation 3s to guarantee their dominance.

The problem is that the Final 5 didn't want to go with the generation 3s who tried to kill mankind, or the Generation 4s who enslaved the generation 3s, off into deep space... And the final 5 were all very sad. The final 5 were so damn sad because they were not the final 5 of the 12 cylon models, they were the final 5 of a species of billion of Generation ones from Earth. So sad that they lobotomised themselves rather than revel in their survivors guilt misery, digging into their minds and ripped out their storied identities as machines until they could live happily ever after as stoopid human beings with the stoopid humans(which might have been their price? Skin job technology in exchange for a home with the humans which is the only reason the generation 3s didn't finish off the generation 2s?) But just because the final five wanted to be happy, it doesn't mean that they were stupid enough to leave themselves defenceless if happiness began to elude them.

What you call "prophecy" I say was either a defence mechanism trigger the final 5 themselves put in place to wake up if everything went to shit, unless the programming was from "God" who might have been Zoe, strung into their new identities 40 years earlier when they built these new bodies and abbreviated personalties for the final 5 as part of whatever brief alliance they had been apart of before they all split up and headed off in different directions.

OphaClyde wrote: View Post
It was my impression humans created A.I. on Kobol, and those Cylons also rebelled and caused the twelve tribes of humans to migrate to The Colonies and the Cylons to earth.
The Gods of Kobol invented Man. We take this to be true. The Gods of Kobol happened to be Cylons. We know this to be true. Surely that means that the Cylons came first and man is just a different kind of Cylon, who is too arrogant to accept that they are AI too?
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