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Re: What do Star Trek fans think of Stargate?

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Well yeah, it is. But the point of contention was whether most of the SGC personnel would have watched it or not.
And most SGC personnel would have been 10 to 30 years old when TNG premiered and likely to have watched Star Trek, it being in one of the preferred genres of people who grow up to be soldiers. A group for whom Star Trek references show up in other shows like the submarine XO using one in the movie Crimson Tide to short cut a crewman towards a solution.
People who grow up to be soldiers tend to be sci-fi geeks? Not buying it.
The first Star Trek computer game I came across was a straight combat simulation on the school's mainframe in 1979. By the time TNG and DS9 were in production just about the only military based shows on were Space Operas. There were reruns of old Combat or Rat Patrol episodes and the Vietnam based shows were on but only Tour Of Duty was combat based, the kind a future special forces airman might be likely to watch religiously.

Star Trek itself had that military portion. The Enterprise and Voyager were in constant low intensity conflict and Defiant was in a total war. And just as future soldiers might only see combat and small unit tactics on SG-1 or The Unit in its day you could count on Star Trek in whatever form to provide a steady diet of firefights and ship to ship combat with the "soldiers" calling each other Commander, Captain and responding with "yes sir". Outside of SF you really didn't see that.

Now they might not of went to a convention to trade Tribbles but they almost certainly were among the target demographic reached by Paramount.
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