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Re: What if a new sci-fi series went to Netflix that wasAkickstarter p

Netflix is trying to establish itself as a competitor to HBO, so they're going to do deals with the same folks who might be able to get a show on HBO - Fincher, Eli Roth, etc. Netflix can't afford to do anything that looks chintzy or kickstarter-y at this point in their development. YouTube would be a better bet.

Speaking of web series, Ridley Scott is partnering with Machinima on short sci fi films.

Ridley Scott and his commercials production company RSA will team with Machinima to produce 12 short films that will focus on science fiction content that might be grown into feature franchises.
They should also think about expanding those "short films" into a sequence, ie, something like TV, regardless of whether they ever make it to the big screen. The two could work together, you build the audience online and then make the jump to movies, but you're going to have to produce a continual stream of episodes to keep your audience loyal during the time it takes to produce a big budget movie.
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