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Re: Breaking News: THE CLONE WARS Has Been Cancelled

This was a complete bullshit move by Disney. It was Disney's decision and no one else's. Clone Wars has been a great show and has a lot of stories left to tell. You would think Disney would want it for its struggling XD network but I guess not because it didn't come out of their corporate headquarters. I can understand wanting to move on to Episode VII by getting rid of certain things but canceling The Clone Wars? That was one of the few things to come out of the prequels that most everyone seemed to like. Don't tell me Disney can't do more than one thing as a time.

Filoni talked about having finished several story arcs and releasing them in the near future. I really do hope we'll get to see those but I don't trust Disney as they've proven they don't give a fuck about this show. They like to pretend that SW didn't exist until they bought it. Unless they can make 100% of the profits off of it of course.

I'm curious as to whether LFL Animation or Disney will be producing this new series. If it's Disney, don't expect it being good. They canceled an awesome show in Avengers EMH (again, because they didn't create it) and have replaced it with Avengers Assemble. I saw a clip of it at the NYCC. It's not fair to judge a show by one three-minute clip but it looked awful. I don't expect much from that series.
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