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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

Well, I wouldn't call him "least favorite" by any means, but when I met Christopher Lloyd, he was more than a bit standoff-ish. Of course, he could have been having a bad day, so I don't really hold that against him. He was still very polite.

My favorite guest had to be Armin Shimmerman. The man was delightfully full of it, and I loved it. He was very friendly, very personable. We talked for a few seconds while he signed his autograph. He asked me where I was from, how I liked Chicago, and so on. When my friend asked him for a picture, the rep said no, that it would cost $80, to which Armin turned to him and said "He can take a picture of me. I don't have a problem with it", at which point he looks back to my friend and says "Now, young man, you can take a picture of me, but I can't look at the camera, and you can't be in the picture, okay?", so as we turned away, Armin looked over to the side, and my friend snapped a great shot. Armin winked at us as we left.

Then there was Marc Alaimo. He was a bit prickly upon meeting him for the first time, but there was a good reason. My friend decided to bother him while the poor man was just trying to get a cup of coffee and a pastry at the hotel cafe. He walks up to him, tells him "Mr. Alaimo, can I get a picture of you?" to which Marc gives him this Gul Dukat stare, I mean, you didn't need the makeup, it was pure Dukat (I was still 10 feet away, and not in his line of sight, and I felt the blast off that look!). My friend stops for a moment, smiles, and Marc sighs and says "Make it quick", again, in that same tone he uses when Dukat is exasperated, so I found it utterly hilarious (save for poor Mr. Alaimo's time and patience).

Later the next evening, when we had the ice cream social, Marc sat down at our table and we had a great conversation about Shakespeare, the role of theater in television and movie acting, and he was just all around engaging, and so very nice.

Other actors I've met:

Casey Biggs - Very polite, friendly. Really good on the guitar!
J.G. Hertzler - Holy shit, this guy is awesome! Loves the fans!
Robert O'Reilly - Very nice guy, engages the fans. When he's out of makeup, he's rather quiet, but very warm and friendly. Talked to him over drinks at the hotel bar.
Vaughn Armstrong - He was very cool. We talked for more than two hours in the hotel bar, I bought him a drink, we shared lots of stories, a couple of filthy jokes, he was just cool as hell.
Jeffrey Combs - Warm, polite, engaging. He always has a joke or a pun ready to go.
Chase Masterson - Very sweet. She was kind enough to let my friend take a picture of her, and was very nice to him even after his thinly veiled offer for casual sex.
Max Grodenchik - A warm, friendly guy. My friend and I hung out by his autograph table most of the day, chatting away with him. We even helped him fix a contract snafu while we were there. The next day, before he left the hotel, he saw me outside one of the elevators and said "Hey John, thanks for coming! I hope you had fun!", which was so cool!
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