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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

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What the frick are you doing in the season 3 thread?

It must be like time travel?

I started watching after reading posts here, and before spending money on buying the dvds. Since season 1 was only 13 eps and cheaper, I waited until I saw it before investing in season 2's dvds.

I gotta say... so far Kenzi is my fav on this show, especially when she makes allusions to other shows. (I think she called someone a klingon once, iirc.)

Why are you referring to Warehouse 13 in the past tense?
Because a thread on another discussion board has been actively discussing this very question and is (obviously) pessimistic about the outcome, based on the recent "Eureka" drama and their feeling that SyFy bails after 4-5 seasons due to the costs of the "mature" show.

Who knows... if netflix & Hulu based series become winners, maybe the Firefly's of the future can find a way to ressurect themselves even after a network / cable cancellation.

IIRC, 2 "daily" soap operas are coming back that way.
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