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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

... Snow was right to take the opportunity when she had it.
It's one thing to decide to kill someone.

It's another thing to actively manipulate someone else into killing that someone for you.

And when you actively manipulate a woman who's desired her Mother's love her entire life... by pretending you understand that unrequited desire, that you sympathize with that desire, and then you hand Regina NOT the key to her life long heart ache but the key to Cora's and therefore Regina's destruction... then that's not just wrong, it's evil.

As we saw last night... giving Cora back her heart taught her in 15 seconds that loving/being loved by her daughter "was enough"... then just giving Regina an uncursed heart would have saved Snow's family. Sure, Rumple would have died... (maybe), but everyone else would have lived WITHOUT the sin of murder on their hands.

I'm sorry... but Snow crossed all sorts of boundaries for me last night, and from now on she DESERVES whatever REGINA dishes out to her.

I wonder if Henry is too young to understand the full extent of the evil his grandmother did to his foster mother, "last night".
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