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Re: Trek & Pseudo-Trek

Star Trek was action/adventure/scifi with strong characters. The only difference thus far between Abrams movies and the original 1964 pitch is that the Enterprise ain't doing much exploring at the moment :P

The characters are spot on imho, their character traits have been dialled up a notch. The action is great! I am damn sure Roddenberry would have had lots of action in TOS if he could afford it, infact I think there are interviews around with other members of the 60s team that said so.

Spock/Uhura romance I could do without

Majority of TOS episodes had phaser fights and hand to hand combat and ships fighting/people dying. Week in week out. It was action/adventure.

If Trek had started as a movie franchise in 1966 instead of on TV they would have had a heck of a lot more action & special effects etc imho! They where restricted by the budget. A restriction now gone.
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