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Re: Did You Love Other Vintage Sci-Fi Shows?

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THE IMMORTAL (Chris George): a blatant retread of The Fugitive, but holy crap, did I love this short lived series. Amazing Dominic Frontiere music and excellent, tough performances by Christopher George. It didn't deserve a second season because the producers didn't even TRY to make it new, but it sure had great fights and chases.
You're not kidding about THE IMMORTAL, a series I viewed last year, being a FUGITIVE retread. No less than three IMMORTAL episodes completely rip off FUGITIVE episodes, lifting entire plotlines. Jack Turley recylced his FUGITIVE script "Nicest Fella You'd Ever Want to Meet" as "The Rainbow Butcher", basically just changing the names of the characters. "Man on a Punched Carrd" uses the exact same premise as the FUGITIVE episode "The 2130", about a supercomputer being employed to predict the movements of the running man. The beginning of THE FUGITIVE's "The End is But the Beginning" and THE IMMORTAL's "Dead Man, Dead Man" are practically identical, although the two stories do take divergent paths from then on.

Here's the most puzzling question about THE IMMORTAL. Unlinke Richard Kimble or David Banner, Ben Richards isn't on the run from the law. Why the hell doesn't he contact the FBI and report his pursuers for attempted kidnapping??
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