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Re: old english accent was closer to American southern accent

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Well, go see a production at Eastern Kentucky or UK or Berea then. Lincoln Memorial right across the border in northeast TN would probably work too. Or support local theatre if you're from around there.
My mom used to do the old-person's heart walk at LMU (Lincoln Memorial Univ). My dad owned WNTT in Tazewell, then sold it to the guy who dug the P-38 Lightning out of the glacier in Greenland.

Most UK students from Eastern Kentucky lose most of their accent fairly quickly, and I'm sure the theater department would probably rather die than put that accent on stage for anything other than a play about how Eastern Kentuckians are violent, ignorant hillbillies.

Some of the views in Lexington social circles can be pretty harsh. This past Thanksgiving the upper-class discussion turned to Kentucky literature and whether a prominent and famous local author was correct in thinking that what Eastern Kentucky needed was an infusion of outside genes to make the people there more intelligent, touching on rape gangs or mass sterilization. Then they looked at me and realized they were in mixed company.
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