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Re: Lonely Planet - Top 10 Cities

^ I like US Cellular Field - NOW. It looked like crap when it was first built. What the hell were they thinking with the blue seats and the ridiculously high upper deck and all that crap? But the renovations have made it bearable. I had a great time there when I visited Chicago a couple of years ago. Pity it was so damn cold - Opening Day, and it never got above freezing the whole week. (Plus when I got off the Red Line and looked around for the Cell, I couldn't even see it - there was fog like you wouldn't believe) But I had to go then - it was literally the only week out of the entire season when the Cubs and Sox were in town at the same time!

I do regret that I never got the chance to visit Comiskey.

As for Wrigley Field - I had a good time there too (fans were very friendly, and I even got to sit in the Bartman seat), but since it was so early, the ivy hadn't grown in yet. Still, I like the place, although I think it will look much better after its renovations that were just announced.
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