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Trek & Pseudo-Trek

I don't consider myself a true Trekkie, and am more of a Star Warrior, if you catch my drift, but all the same have a deep admiration for the franchise dubbed "Star Trek."

Star Trek, as I understand it, is not exploration of space, but ideas, and big ones, at that. Oh, and wonderful characterization, making it watchable, other simply creepy and mysterious, ala The Twilight Zone. And an optimistic sense of idealism, too.

Action? In measured amounts, there was. Nowadays, there's -plenty of action, but the guardians of the Trek have forgotten what the journey was all about.

J.J. Abrams wasn't a true fan of Star Trek, which helps explains his creative choices, and they are for the epic, but without any sense of aesthetic, or wonder. Yes, Abrams likes myseries, but they're plot mysteries. (Such sensibilities are nothing I don't like, but they're not Trek's.)

DS9 is the only Trek I regularly watched, but I know Trek, even at its least Trek-like, stands for something more than big booms, and rebelliousness always getting the last word. In short, Abrams made Star Trek into a parody of itself, and fan or not, it grieves me.

WHat saddens me most, though, is that this pseudo Trek'll garner fans unto itself. Remaking Kirk or Spock--fine, recasting them, yes, but lacking any appreciation for what made them great? Slay me.
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