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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

cooleddie74 wrote: View Post
Detours just doesn't interest me that much to be frank. Seth Green and his coterie of writers and performers can sometimes strike comedy gold and have made many hilarious episodes of Robot Chicken over the years, but Detours doesn't strike me as a project that would be terribly entertaining or successful based on what we've heard thus far. I don't know if the concept of a weekly or recurring animated comedy series set in the SW universe would have the legs to remain viable for very long.

It sounds like an idea that would be better served as a Web series or downloadable content, but I guess only time will tell if this idea will ever fly.
Agreed.... I'd also like to add that there is a serious saturation of sci-fi parodies and 'clever send-ups' and cosmic knee slapping buffoonery everywhere you look... why they ever though they needed to do an official spoof series is utterly lost on me. I was satisfied with Spaceballs and haven't seen anything since that was funnier.

EnsignRicky wrote: View Post
Not that it should, but I hope none of this affects the blu-ray release of season five.

Since now I'm so close to having the whole series.
Yes, however The Clone Wars "ends" I'd like to have it on my shelf, too. Here's hoping it doesn't go "exclusive downloads-only."

DigificWriter wrote: View Post
We're going to get a conclusion to the series; it just won't be in the form of a weekly aired cartoon.
I adored the format most of all.

Movies are too long. 22.5 minutes was perfect for a lunch break, before bed, etc. I wonder why people even bother trying to make television shows anymore, they never seem to satisfy the bean counters. Even if a television series is wildly successful they can't wait to get it off broadcast and into a theatre.

I don't actually think Star Trek will ever make it back to the small screen.
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