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Re: Cardassian society - enforcement or preference?

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No, it was not -- not by a reasonable modern definition of the term. It certainly called itself a democracy, but no society that excludes women from the franchise or includes slavery is a democracy in a realistic, non-self-aggrandizing sense of the term. A democracy is a society in which every adult member of that society has an equal vote; Athens was not a democracy.
It's not "reasonable" to apply our definitions to past societies. To hold the past up to our standards means it will inevitably fall short. Just as you will be seen by future historians as some kind of imperfect human from a society that was imperfect. What's the point of applying a future standard to a past society? What does it gain us?

...Cardassians quite literally did not have a choice in their form of government, as the state possessed an overwhelming capacity for violence which literally does not exist in the real world.
We don't really know that. I don't think the representation on the Detapa Council was ever discussed. It may have been anything, ranging from a House of Lords type body to a true representative council. What do we really know of the Cardassian civilian government and its relationship with the military?

I think this is one time where we just have to accept that things are ret-conned and disregard what Janice says in "Turnabout Intruder" as being no longer in continuity with the rest of Trek.
The fact that Janice Lester thought swapping minds with Kirk was a legitimate way to live out her fantasy of being a starship captain suggests she was not sane. Given her loose hold on reality, why should her statements have any authority with regards to the matter of sexism in Starfleet? We never saw a woman commanding a starship until TVH but, then, we never saw an Andorian commanding a starship, either. Would you suggest, then, that a bias against aliens existed in Starfleet alongside a bias against women?
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