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Re: FAULTY - the two worst TOS remastering mistakes

Could they have been trying to make the ships more compatable with animated Star Trek? It does seem to resemble the Filmation Enterprise and they were obviously infulenced by the animated show.

I'm going to get hit with dead fish and rubber chickens for posting this, but I'd like it if they did the "remaster" to the animated and use the same models for the cartoon and use cg animation, like Toy Story or Shrek, for the character parts, keep the dialogue (and the orignial cast) and redo the sound track. Maybe the could redo M'Ress with an actress, I mean new actress, and maybe not leave 80% of the voices by James Doohan, not that he did too bad with it.

I watched Immunity Syndrome yesterday, and they certainly do put the wrong space field on the screen, they show the dark anomaly before it's supposed to be visible. The timing of the reactions, Spock says, that, then they show it again, the only way it could work with the error is NO ONE was looking for several seconds, which is silly.
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