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TNG "The Defector" plot thread continued in DS9 "The Search"

Remember the Romulan Subcommander T’Rul? She appeared on DS9 3rd season episodes “The Search, parts 1 & 2” as the Romulan advisor that came to DS9 to oversee the use of the Romulan cloaking device on the USS Defiant.

I’ve always thought it was too bad that she didn’t stay around as a regular reoccurring character. Not only did I like her addition to the cast and her initial gruff interactions with the crew, I really think she could have been a great character over time if we had even seen her again. We could have learned more about the Romulan people. There has never been a real long-term Romulan character that evolved over many episodes/seasons. Excepting maybe Tomalak or Sela, but they were out-and-out bad guys and this character would have been part of the crew.

And one more thing I thought of recently. What if this T’Rul character was somehow connected or related to the Romulan Admiral Alidar Jarok that we saw in TNG “The Defector”? What if she, in fact, was the daughter that Jarok spoke of? Wouldn’t that be cool?

I was just recently reminded of the plot thread of Jarok’s message to his daughter that was left hanging at the end of “The Defector”. And the character of T’Rul, that I thought could have been so much more if they had continued her. And why couldn’t they have been related?

Plus, T’Rul was played by played by Martha Hackett, who also played Seska on ST:Voyager. She’s a good actress. Of course, that would have meant that she would have been playing regular reoccurring roles on 2 different Star Trek shows at the same time.
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