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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Garibaldi and Sheridan couldn't have thought up a stupider secret code. I wasn't quite sure what they were saying
Sheridan was requesting two nukes to take to Z'ha'dum.

Sheridan's message about trying to change the future was just stupid. "Maybe the future was caused by my taking Delenn's warning". Really? That was such a stupid thing to say. If he had taken her warning, which had caused the future, the future her wouldn't have warned him about z'Ha'Dum, since he wouldn't have gone there in the first place.
Yeah, this is one of my absolute favorite eps of the show and the last 10 minutes were among the most exciting I've ever seen, but I've always thought this sounded fishy and awkwardly put there. I love the idea of Sheridan going to Z'ha'dum to save Centauri Prime, but I never thought his reasoning made much sense.

Kosh seemed to have been the only good vorlon. I never thought that he'd be revealed to have been the friendly vorlon
I really hope that Kosh wasn't the big exception and every other vorlon is like this one. Although, since we learn that the vorlons are now going to start a campaign of mass murder to beat the shadows, I guess I have my answer as to wether Kosh was the exception or rule as to how vorlons act
This is part of what makes Kosh's character so interesting to watch on rewatch. On first viewing, he's this vaguely interesting, sometimes frustrating, often irritating cryptic mentor who will occasionally say weird things that don't make much sense then not do anything. On second viewing, you see that he has an entire character arc; he's a traitor to his amoral, patronizing, father-knows-best culture, who actually comes to like the younger races rather than use them as pawns to the extent that he was willing to sacrifice his life to give them a chance.
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