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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Garibaldi and Sheridan couldn't have thought up a stupider secret code. I wasn't quite sure what they were saying, but they couldn't have been more obvious that they were telling each other something secret they didn't want Anna to hear.
Knowing something is being said that you don't quite get is a long way from knowing exactly *what* is being said, which is rather the point of a code phrase.

Sheridan's message about trying to change the future was just stupid. "Maybe the future was caused by my taking Delenn's warning". Really? That was such a stupid thing to say. If he had taken her warning, which had caused the future, the future her wouldn't have warned him about z'Ha'Dum, since he wouldn't have gone there in the first place.
What it really comes down to is that Sheridan saw an opportunity to end this in one fell swoop and took it. Trying to second guess what may or may not be a temporal paradox is an exercise in futility.

I guess they modified Lyta's body. I wonder if she can breathe underwater.
I think those are just for handling alternate atmospheres. They're not even a Vorlon thing as G'Kar has gill implants too, though you only ever see him use them in the pilot movie.

Also, I'm guessing Vir lost weight? I'm going to assume so, because in this episode, and the next few, he looks like he's contracted some kind of wasting disease. He's actually kind of freaking me out.
Not exactly, but close. Stephen Furst was diagnosed as diabetic around this time and IIRC, the way he tells it, it was a choice between loosing a lot of weight or having his foot amputated.

I guess you need a lot of ships to blow up planets.
Just one actually. They're called planet killers (for obvious reasons) and they're *HUGE*. Mostly the fleets with them are just there as escorts.
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