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Abrams Trek is disposable. One day Star Trek will return to television.
Movies and TV are such different businesses with different audiences that there's no reason the qualities or assumptions of the movies need to be brought over to TV. In fact, that would be unwise, since a TV show doesn't have the budget to re-create the visual splendor and action of a summer tentpole movie. And the audience will demand a different approach - more complex, more serialized - in keeping with what they expect from cable or streaming dramas.

Star Trek won't be back on broadcast since the financials wouldn't work out, unless there's some kind of co-production deal between CBS and Netflix or Amazon, in which case the format will be a compromise between broadcast and streaming expectations, possibly with the structure and tone of DS9. On cable or streaming alone, it would be darker than DS9 and completely serialized rather than the half & half approach of DS9.

I wouldn't assume the audience for TV/streaming have seen the movies or understood that there are two different realities now, or that they even care. The issue can be avoided or maybe addressed only indirectly.
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