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The Netflix Thread

I think there may be enough Netflix news to just have our own thread? Let's see how it goes.

Netflix Broadband Speeds

This is sure to irk some broadband providers: The streaming video company unveiled today the “Netflix ISP Speed Index,” a Web site designed to help people see “which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide the best Netflix streaming experience.”
Here's the site.

No Canada on the list? After all the complaints I've seen about their speeds, it is really so bad?

How much Netflix original episodes cost.

...the cheapest show is $3.8 million an episode and House of Cards started at $4.5 million with executive producer David Fincher taking it ”way above that”. According to Micelli, the next series Hemlock Grove is costing $4 million an episode, while Orange Is The New Black is just under $4 million as well.
You could do a decent looking sci fi series for 4M an episode. Just sayin'...

Sharp growth in households without TV's.

Turns out there are more than 5M so-called “zero TV” homes now, up from from more than 2M in 2007. Nielsen’s term for the group is a little deceptive: 75% have at least one TV set. But 37% watch video content on computers, 8% on smartphones, and 6% on tablets. A little less than half (48%) watch TV content through subscription services, which Nielsen doesn’t identify but I’d assume includes a lot of Netflix customers. As you might imagine, people in these “zero TV” homes tend to be a lot younger than others in traditional TV households, and 41.2% live alone (vs. 26.2% of people in TV households). Some 36% of “zero TV” people say that cost is the main reason why they opt out of the traditional system, while 31% say that they simply lack interest. But 18% say that they’d consider subscribing to pay TV.
They'd consider subscribing until they see the vast difference in cost. $100/month is a bit much when you've gotten used to $8.
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