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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I watched a bunch of epsiodes the last few days, so this is a pretty big post.

Shadow Dancing - This was a good episode. Franklin's stuff was decent, although trying to talk down a crazy mugger was stupid. I liked the space battle, it was done well and had a good variety of ships. It was funny seeing Ivanova try to sleep in the weird minbari beds. Sheridan's wife returns at the end, and I knew something was up with her.

Z'Ha'Dum - I figured Anna was a shadow agent from the moment she returned. she might as well wear a sign that says "I'm a puppet of the shadows". I don't think sheridan should have been so mad that Delenn and Kosh hadn't told him that they couldn't confim that anna was dead. Knowing him at that time, he probably would have gone to Z'Ha'Dum and screwed the galaxy. Garibaldi and Sheridan couldn't have thought up a stupider secret code. I wasn't quite sure what they were saying, but they couldn't have been more obvious that they were telling each other something secret they didn't want Anna to hear. The scenes on the planet were interesting. Sheridan's message about trying to change the future was just stupid. "Maybe the future was caused by my taking Delenn's warning". Really? That was such a stupid thing to say. If he had taken her warning, which had caused the future, the future her wouldn't have warned him about z'Ha'Dum, since he wouldn't have gone there in the first place. Anyway, going there obviously didn't prevent that future (not that the future would have changed, the show was very clear on that point). The actual fate of Anna and the other crew members of the Icarus that wouldn't fight help the shadows was pretty bad. I figured they had done something to her. I liked sheridan's plan of blowing up part of the planet with the White Star. G'Kar's narration at the end was cool. This was a good episode, and good ending of the season.

The Hour of the Wolf - I originally thought that the centauri emperor would be some spoiled rich guy. In this episode, you learn he is completely insane (and this is just the tip of the iceberg, as the later episodes show). Londo's reaction to his craziness was great. The head collection was creepy. The new vorlon is different and hard to hear. The noise he makes behind his words keep making it hard for me to understand him, and this keeps happening in later episodes. kosh made noises, but was perfectly understandable. I guess how understandable a vorlon is depends on how evil they are, and as the next few episodes will show, Kosh seemed to have been the only good vorlon. I never thought that he'd be revealed to have been the friendly vorlon I guess they modified Lyta's body. I wonder if she can breathe underwater. Also, I'm guessing Vir lost weight? I'm going to assume so, because in this episode, and the next few, he looks like he's contracted some kind of wasting disease. He's actually kind of freaking me out. On Z'Ha'Dum, when they went to search for sheridan, they said that the eye was looking for them. I'm going to assume that this means that Sauron is one of the shadows Londo and Vir's scene near the end was great. I'd say they are justified in killing the emperor, he's making Caligula look like a great leader, and he does worse in the next few episodes. Overall, a good episode.

Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi? - The alien on Z'Ha'Dum (who is revealed to be the first one) is annoying, as are all his scenes this episode. It almost seems like people are actively blocking G'Kar's investigation. Seeing Londo interact with the crazy emperor is always interesting. Londo seemed shocked to see G'Kar. Garibaldi was losing it in his cell, and it looked like atleast one of his captor's was Psi Corp. If so, why would they need to ask him questions? Wouldn't they just read his mind? Londo and G'Kar's conversation was interesting. I wonder if Londo will keep his word. This was another very good episode.

The Summoning - The members of the centauri royal court really need to be taught a lesson. I get the crazy emperor getting enjoyment out of messing with G'kar but the centauri in general, or atleast the ones in power that we see, are pretty bad people too. I did like the joke about the torturers wanting to be called "pain technicians". The emperor is so crazy and evil that even Vir thinks he needs to die. I wonder, once again, why the vorlons sent Darth Vader to B5. I really hope that Kosh wasn't the big exception and every other vorlon is like this one. Although, since we learn that the vorlons are now going to start a campaign of mass murder to beat the shadows, I guess I have my answer as to wether Kosh was the exception or rule as to how vorlons act Garibaldi returns wrapped in plastic. I'm wondering about his return. He was in a room with weird lights, opens his eyes dramatically, and then ios later ejected from the ship so that he doesn't die, while the ship explodes with no other people leaving. I'm wondering if maybe he now has an evil personality, like Talia. It would explain the psi corps not just reading his mind, and the fact that his captors returned him seemingly unharmed but made sure they couldn't be captured. It may bnot turn out that way, but Garibaldi as a sleeper agent would fit in well with what has happened to him (although I'm not sure how long they'd need him to do that, but 2 weeks would probably be enough, especially since they're probably good at it). Its also possible he's weird because it looked like his fighter was stuck in a shadow vessel for awhile, and that the psi corp member was just an ally of the shadows. Or, it could be both. I wonder what Sheridan had ordered him to do? The vorlon fleet was huge, and they had atleast one gigantic ship (and dialog says they had a few). I guess you need a lot of ships to blow up planets. I'm wondering why the vorlon Darth vader didn't just build a moon size battle station The Centauri stuff is freaky (the emperor just gets crazier all the time) but entertaining. I figured G'Kar would get to the 39th lashing before giving up. Sheridan's return and speech were cool, and it seemed to put the idiots in the league of non-aligned worlds in line. Overall, this was a very good episode, and this season is off to a great start.
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