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Re: Descent was TNG's best 2-parter

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The two-parter I think is underrated is Gambit. I just don't understand why it's viewed as weak. I thought it was a fun show (watching Picard blending in as one of the crew, hating Riker and stuff was pretty funny).
I agree. "Gambit" wasn't a bad story at all. It has its flaws and this episode's author could've done better but "Gambit" was pretty good.

For example, a better way of concluding the first hour would've been nice -- OK, Picard/"Gaylynn" firing on his OWN ship was one thing but put some more OMMPH in it.

To whoever said "Gambit" could've been a one-hour episode, I disagree. It would've been rushed. Hell, its writing already needed work.

If there is one one-parter that I could stretch into a two-parter, it would be "Timescape". I liked the plot of "Timescape" but it felt a bit rushed and a smoother pace would've made it work even better.

Only thing though it would've been weird as "Descent" came right after "Timescape" so to have two two-parter eps back to back probably would've been ackward, to me anyway. But I would've liked to have seen an elaboration in "Timescape".

I could see "Birthright" being just one-44-min episode but I guess they felt the need to divide in into a 2hour episode because of the TNG/DS9 crossover, for which in such circumstances, I understand.
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