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Re: I need your thoughts on the dark side of technology

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So, really how pointless is it to say "technology can be good or bad, society decides" when all around you society is deciding the wrong thing?
It's a bit like saying "Don't blame the car if the driver ran somebody over." The only reason the car came up in the first place is because you mentioned it; under normal circumstances we wouldn't be discussing it at all, we'd be pissed off at that drunk driver running people over.

The discussion about why western society has an innate tendency to screw over the vast majority of its population is an entirely different problem with entirely different types of solutions. Technology is neither the problem nor the solution, it's just a tool that shapes how the problem manifests.

That article says close to 90% of people think the world will be worse for their children. Isn't that, like, a recipe for revolution?
No, it's the recipe for a riot. Revolution requires a proscriptive ideology for what you want to make happen. It doesn't come about just because people are angry and scared.
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