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The only thing that stumped me a little is the class system and class abilities. Part of it stems from me know very little about 4th edition D&D rules. All classes only get to use 3 at-will abilities, 3 encounter abilities and 3 daily abilities? Also, I'm not getting why we're picking specialized classes at character creation time. For example, if I picked the class Control Wizard at character creation, does it mean I can't be another type of wizard in the future when Cryptic adds more wizard types? That just seem like a very strange game design.
The 4th edition has these if I remember:

Cleric: Devoted or Battle
Fighter: Guardian or Great Weapon
Paladin: Avenging or Protecting
Ranger: Archer or Two-Blade
Rogue: Trickster or Brawny
Warlock: Deceptive or Scourge
Warlord: Inspiring or Tactical
Wizard: Control or War

With Neverwinter, you can't swap between being a Guardian or Great Weapon Fighter, because they are flagged as two individual classes. It'll be the same once they add in new kinds of wizards or clerics too. I'd have much preferred had they just had Fighter, and then allowed you to use those trait paths to determine what kind of Fighter you'd like to be.

Now, someone had delved into the HOGG files in Neverwinter and found some interesting evidence that two of the next character classes maybe the Archer Ranger and the Scourge Warlock. Whether they'll actually be the next two remains to be seen, as some kind of Bard class has also been mentioned as well.
My brother wants them to add Sword Mage so badly. I want Warlord , Druid and Wardens.
I guess Scourge Warlock is further along than I thought:

Speaking of stuff found, someone apparently found a faction picture for the Romulans in STO's Gateway. Usually these are only for player factions, probably not gonna happen for the upcoming update in May, but maybe we'll see the start of it?
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