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Re: Plinkett's Star Trek V Audio Commentary

I don't really need to hear this rehashed again.

There are moments I like in TFF, but they're too few and far between. At the heart of the film is a worthy story, but it's just po0rly executed. I daresay more poorly than "Spock's Brain."

There are just too many things thrown into this that are extraneous and don't belong.

- making the new Enterprise a lemon.
- skeleton crew (yet again).
- inappropriate slapstick humour done over the top (rather than more subtle and contextual).
- poor continuity (this time with Nimbus III).
- a cheesy Romulan (couldn't they have done better?)
- rushed and mediocre looking f/x.
- another Great Barrier but in the wrong place.
- a bad looking full-size hangar deck set and ditto the shuttlecraft interior. Indeed all the Enterprise interiors looked poor including the bridge (I hated that beige colour scheme).

What it needed was a good rewrite to massage the basic story into something more reasonable before going to camera. And I think Shatner's enthusiasm needed to be reined in some. It also needed to have spent its f/x money more wisely.
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