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Re: Highlander Franchise

No need to, really. Had some interesting bits, and surprisingly had its share of character decapitations (off screen of course), but otherwise not that interesting IMO. Rented a VHS of episodes ages ago, didn't finish it.

The first movie, series, and Endgame are the finer products IMO. The anime movie was also good, and IMO was the ONLY time they did the post-apocalyptic theme well, mind you with a pretty boring lead character. Bill Panzer, the producer behind the franchise who always seemed to be pushing for the futuristic Highlander productions, passed away in 2007; mayhaps that push went with thim.

As such, I believe the best medium for Highlander is television - only there can you properly explore the life of people who live for centuries, instead of a two-hour film. I hope someday they will reboot the franchise with a fresh TV series on AMC / HBO / Showtime, where they can properly show the violence that goes with this universe as well as have the budget to show the needed historical locations (which the original series did admirably with such a limited budget). If that movie reboot ever gets made, it may be the impetus needed to get a TV production going again.

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Oh, I like that Trek thing too...
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