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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

Eh...Snow is not as pure as the driven anymore. But, I understand what she did. I don't think she should have, but...

Cora killed Snow's mother.
Regina killed her father.
Both women were out to get Emma and keep Snow's grandson.

I found that this episode interesting but it made both Regina and Cora seem more one dimensional. I totally understood Cora's fury over being spat on because of birth, but her unbridled spite was chilling. (As for Regina's key motivation, I never understood blaming a child for not keeping a secret. Snow was not malicious.) I hope they find a way to move Regina past vengence mode. You know it is bad when Rumple looks at you and tells you to give it up.

I really enjoyed the episode. I hope that more Cora flashbacks are forthcoming. I want to know what happened during Regina's childhood. I hope that more backstory will explain Regina and Cora better and keep them from being too one dimensional.

Henry seemed like a good dad. Regina seemed to fear her mother and crave her approval more than love her.

Surely Rumple continued to instruct Cora, or did she possess an inner ability that only needed to be tapped?

Surely those that can wield magic must be predisposed or why can't the dwarves and Charming fling people around with a flick of the wrist?

How did Cora ger her hands on Henry in Wonderland?

Those are questions that I would like answered.
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