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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

Yeah, there's more to the Cora story that we haven't seen. How she didn't stay royalty? Also, how did Eva wind up a queen (just kept going kingdom to kingdom till someone took her in?)? Why is being tripped and embarrassed by an obnoxious teen grounds for later killing her unless Cora is truly simply evil - or is everything she did going to be based on/"justified" by being without her heart? Hopefully there's more to that story than just high school level rivalry. And that we learn how Eva grew from an obnoxious teen to a loving respectful queen to her people.

I did like that Prince Henry's father wasn't stupid - he recognized Cora instantly under the mask and knew about her relationship with Rumpel. He's far more interesting (so far) than the simple mustache-twirling King George baddie. And I liked that Henry seemed taken with Cora from the start.

But WOW, that Snow scene with Regina is the most evil thing I've seen on the show. There is NO going back from that for Snow... unless they turn back time and give her an alternate choice. This destroys Snow's purity forever. There's no forgiveness for tricking Regina into killing her own mother. And finally Regina will be legitimately justified in her hatred of Snow. And Cora, ironically, accomplishes what she set out to do - make Snow turn dark, even if it killed her to do it - there's more revenge on Eva.

But that moment where Cora realizes that had she allowed herself simply to love her daughter (and perhaps Rumpel?) it would have been enough for her, was heartbreaking.

Rose MCGOWAN was awesome in this - their double-casting of characters in this show has been insane.

I thought Robert & Rose had great chemistry too.

And the scene with Rumpel and Bae finally reconciling ("I'm still angry") was wonderful. Also how Emma has to uncomfortably be stuck in the room during that and Rumpel's speech to Belle was great.

Really all around one of the best episodes of the show.
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