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Re: Descent was TNG's best 2-parter

Well, let's see:

TALLERA I am sure you are familiar with the ancient history of my people... before we found logic... before we found peace. PICARD You were much like my people once were... a warlike, savage race... TALLERA There was even a time when we used our telepathic abilities as a weapon... a time when we learned to kill with a thought.

And then:
PICARD As I recall the legend, the Stone of Gol was destroyed by the gods when the Vulcan people found the way to peace... TALLERA The resonator was believed to have been destroyed during the Time of the Awakening. Only one piece was known to have survived and it was placed in a Vulcan museum under heavy guard.


PICARD Think, Tallera -- two thousand years ago, your people were being consumed by war... then they found the way of peace and logic. During the same period, the resonator was dismantled... don't you see the connection? (beat) When peace came to Vulcan, the resonator became useless. That is why it was dismantled.

All of this corroborates what I said. And there's nothing that implies the adoption of logic and pacifism, proposed by Surak, came to be due to the existence of this particular type of weapon, as opposed to the generalized violence present in Vulcan at the time.

Now, it is true that, thematically, the weapon and Surak's teachings are intertwined:

PICARD (quiet) You were right... the resonator cannot be stopped with phasers or shields. But like every other form of violence... it can be stopped with peace.

But there's no apparent cause and effect here. I guess it could be argued that Surak was influenced by the weapon, and how it could be defeated by eschewing violent thoughts, and decided to apply this notion to all kinds of violence. But the episode doesn't say this directly, and the evidence is, at best, circumstancial.

Moore's quote seems to be from a storytelling point of view, not a continuity one, since having a weapon that can be neutralized by "thinking happy thoughts", with the weapon itself alluding to this very fact, is somewhat silly. However, thematically, it kinda fits, hence my appreciation for it.
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