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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

I recall a day back in high school sometime around 1975 when a group of us were sitting around a table in the library and we were talking about what we thought things might be like around the year 2000. I don't recall who else was at the table, but the conversation did resonate even after all these years.

We talked about some of the new science and tech (at the time) and where it might lead. We wondered about the politics of the day and what might happen. Back then the Soviet Union was still near fifteen years from dissolving and the idea of something like that happening seemed so unlikely.

My essential point was that the world (along with science and technology) has changed in ways we couldn't imagine back then. Human nature really hasn't changed at all but manifests itself in slightly different ways in what we can obsess about. Cars are nothing like what could have been envisioned back then, but that said I think they are far more advanced then what was then imagined. Computer tech is far, far more advanced than what could have been envisioned then and that has had an incredible ripple effect with near everything.

One thing I think is behind what we could have imagined is space technology or more specifically space exploration. Apollo was still fresh in our minds and we envisioned a much more vigorous and hands-on type of exploration than the remote and scaled back kind we presently know.
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