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So, Cult is like Bathing in Broken Glass.

Imagine I thought Star Trek was real, and the episodes were talking to me, telling my suggestible lack of willpower to kill people and I was following through on these secret messages hidden in the rich language of the intentionally subversive programming?

Booh fucking hoo.

If a kid playing baseball starts screaming "death to the opposition" throughout a game, are they going to start censoring Deep Space Nine? Or what if another kid shits out a kidney from ODing on prune juice becuase he idolizes Worf?

You can't blame TV for Crazy people.

Like they said in Scream... Scary Movies don't make crazy people, scary movies make crazy people creative.

In truth, I used to tell boring people that the Vorlons and the Shadows were gods worshipped by a remote South American tribe which tricked regular barflies at my university watering hole into discussing the metapsychology of Babylon 5 for hours becuase I'm a little bit of an asshole... But this new tv show is just shit.

Remember when Dean and Sam turned up to a Supernatural Fan Convention which was Hilarious... Or the time they skipped into an alternate reality where their lives was all a TV show which was even funnier... But this isn't funny It's really quite sad.

Cult is sad.

If someone is leaving subliminal messages that instruct murder into local programming, considering Judus Priest went to trial for leaving the subliminal message "Do you want a peppermint" in one of their tracks which alledgedly caused a distrubed young man to comit suiside almost 30 years ago, there's enough precidence here that there doesn't have to be a one man war on a TV Show to bring it to justice. Just ring the fricking FCC and be over and done with it.

Zero Hour was out right bad, this however is just "nothing". it's so insubstantial that I can't even raise the rage to decry the tragedy about the 3 hours of my life wich I've already wasted on this bollocks.

Someone cancel this shit and send Allaric back to Vampire Diaries where he belongs.

I'm not wrong?

The funny thing is, that the Fake TV show which Cult is ballancing on, actually looks reasonably interesting, and even seems better than the Following, that serial killer thing with Kevin Bacon, but they gave the Following more rope to hang itself.

Not a fan of that either.
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