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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Out of curiosity, what are people DOING in this game at the moment? I'm kinda stuck right now, and there just doesn't seem to be much worth running. On my primary toon, finished all DOFF assignments except Recruitment (hard to get that many points!), maxed out both Rep chains, and had pretty much all the STF gear to start with. Bought the 2nd set of Borg stuff and the KHG version of the MACO stuff just because I had a ton of points, didn't see anything else worth grinding for. Romulan gear seems 'meh'.

On my secondary toons, I log in and run a few DOFF assignments, rotate the Rep jobs, and that's about it. Will have to farm a few more rep marks at some point to finish them out, but kinda done.

I know we're in another lull because they're bunkered down trying to get the "not season 8" released, but is there really nothing else to do in this game?

They killed STFs when they went towards the Rep system (try and get a ground game going, almost impossible lately. They take longer, are harder, and same reward as the 10 minute, guaranteed win space one, so why bother?), they didn't give us much to DO when they released the new Romulan sector, crafting is long dead, PvP is a joke, and the new STF set they released kinda sucks.

find myself with 4 maxed out toons and nothing to DO with them. disappointing end game. Wish they'd put some priority into dribbling out occasional missions, developing new planets, etc. aside from the big Season packs. If something new (even if small and not a game-changer) showed up every couple weeks, at least there'd be constant activity, if in bite-sized chunks. Instead, they do NOTHING for months, vomit up a big chunk of stuff that we burn through because we're starved for something to do, and then go quiet for months again. I don't want weekly, fully-formed FEs, just fun little one-offs or new zones to explore/play in. For example, how hard would it be to tweak the winter zone and drop in on Andoria? Something new to play with in a place that's never been touched, work's already mostly done. Or could introduce some little mini-games around the starbase they introduced with the Federation Day event.

They don't all have to be like that, just gotta be more ways to tweak existing things for fun little missions.

I dunno, just bored at the moment, and can't think of much to do when I log in, so I just swap out the Rep/Doff missions and log out again usually...
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