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Re: too many aliens?

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I know that episodes like The Vengeance Factor or The Hunted (episodes I was watching when I first thought this up) would still have been the same episodes if they were human colonists rather than seperate races.
The problem with these two episodes in particular is that their premises depended upon someone being medically altered in a way that might seem less plausible to suppose being done to a human.

Now, if you had said The High Ground, then I would certainly agree, assuming there was a reasonable way to get past the Federation membership issue.
Eh, I don't know. Basically, The Hunted dealt with genetically enhanced super soldiers, and The Vengeance Factor, well how is a human being medically altered in such a way really harder to swallow than some of the other bogus science things Star Trek has thrown at us?

Good point about The High Ground, that is another which would fit perfectly. Although I don't get what you mean by "Federation membership issue." That planet was said to not be a member, but had trade going on with the Federation. Since I'm suggesting these be human colonies independant from Earth and the Federation, I don't see the issue. Just because they're seperate from the Federation doesn't mean they can't be on good terms with the Federation.
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