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Re: Oz the Great and Powerful - Grading & Discussion

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I enjoyed this film but not quite as much as I would've liked. The special effects were very good although there were times the characters didn't blend well with them (most notably Oscar's river trip when he first arrives in Oz). That being said, the China Girl was rendered so beautifully that I thought she was real and Joey King's performance took it a step further.
Agreed. The 3-D effects were the best we've seen since Avatar IMO and without Franco and the effects the film would have been at best a C-.

I gave it a B- because of the effects but the film was filled with cliches and more of a children's film that I had expected.

Also, I'm sure all of us sci-fi fans noticed the incredible rip off from the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. First the evil witch uses green lightning to fight the good witch [seem familiar?] but even steals the line from Wars, '...I've been waiting a long time for this.'

If Disney didn't now own the rights to Star Wars and under different circumstances, I'd think the whole ending battle scene between good and evil would be outright plagiarism from the last Star Wars film. She even uses her light saber err wand to fight off the green lightning.

Edited to add: And this nitpick isn't only directed at Disney per se but are all big budget films written with parts today also with a theme park ride in mind? There are several scenes in the Oz where it's obvious to even a casual observer that they're hoping to build a theme park ride around the scene. In Oz for example the trip down the river rapids comes to mind.

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