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Re: Oz the Great and Powerful - Grading & Discussion

PS The most disconcerting thing was a hot air balloon that didn't have any hot air source. It was amazing how hard it made it to suspend disbelief. OZ is supposed to be magic, but hot air balloons, not so much.

The Gary Westfahl review at Locus online was predictably negative. But unpredictably enough, for once he actually had an interesting point. Namely, why have "real world" analogues to the OZ characters if the Wizard is never going to wake up from the dream? Of course, he complains about the "if you only believe" theme being pounded into the viewer. Unfortunately for him, that means the Oz characters are just as real as the Kansas analogues. (If you believe, that is.) Any thematic contradiction is strictly his imagination. I have no idea who Westfahl blackmails to get to review movies, he's terrible at it. He complained about a message being being hammered away, then couldn't remember it long enough to interpret the movie!
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