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tsc, that arm/hand tingling and going numb thing sounds very familiar. I get that all the time when I ride my bicycle or drive a car. I have 2 slipped discs in my neck (those between the lower 3 vertebrae). In my case they slipped not towards the back as discs normally do but to the front and slightly to the right, squeezing the nerve for my right arm.
I can put x-ray and CT pics online, if your medicine men need a better description.

When teh tingling and numbness started I had a nerve conduct test made and it showed no problem whatsoever. It was a complete coincidence that we discovered the slipped disks when I complained about an obstacle in my throat when breathing or swallowing (the discs protrude so much that they poke right through the gullet and into the windpipe).

It can easily be treated by physiotherapy but tends to return when I work on the computer for a few days in a row (bad posture)
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