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Re: Descent was TNG's best 2-parter

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As far as I remember, and Memory Alpha seems to support it, the need to adopt logic had nothing to do with the weapon! The episode simply stated that the weapon became useless once Vulcans started to adopt Surak's teachings, because the emotions necessary to make it work were mostly eradicated. Avoiding the effects of the weapon was not the basis of Surak's teachings, but instead a consequence of it.
Yeah, you're going to have to quote something specific to back up what you're saying, because I'm not buying it at this juncture.

First of all, Gambit itself doesn't even mention Surak, in either part.

Second of all, here's what Ron Moore (teleplay author) had to say about it, from

Ronald D. Moore commented, "I felt we ran out of story in 'Part II'. There were places where I was treading water. We had to find the lost ark and I didn't know what the lost ark was. Instead, we had a device from ancient Vulcan myth that had mythic properties that you explain are telepathic focusing properties. I was trying really hard to make this thing work and in the end, I just said, 'All right, maybe we should just go for it and make this a classic Gene [Roddenberry] kind of message and go for "think happy thoughts" and make it something which tied into the backstory of Vulcan and of Surak and peace.' I thought it would fit in nicely. I'm not sure if it did. It might have just fallen in on its own gooeyness." (Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages)
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