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Re: REBOOT THE VOTE: "Holes In The Ground"

aaahh, it's such a good feeling to discover that others aren't perfect either. Gloating is propably one of the most undiluted emotions

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Not to derail, but what kind of surgery can a hamster have? A whiskerectomy?
He had a tumor - three, actually - in the shoulder, just behind his right cheek pouch. 2 harmless fat tissue tumors, very likely a reaction to the irritation #3 caused, and one big connecting tissue tumor that was somewhat tricky to remove and is of the sort that tends to make metastases. As the hamster is otherwise in excellent shape and comperatively young (19 months - that equals early to mid-50s in a human) a surgery seemed a good option. It was a pretty close thing as it was since that type of tumor has a lot of blood vessels and its removal causes critical blood loss. (that's why you need a 100% fit animal for this surgery - an old and weak one won't survive the blood loss.)
Currently the patient is sound asleep on my desk, after having been fed with cookie crumbs, bits of cheese and slices of apple by my colleagues.
He's still a bit wobbly-legged, gets painkillers and antibiotics, but the wound looks good and thank heavens he's reasonable enough not to pull the stitches.

And to answer your next question: I have medical experience and a lab at my disposal, else I couldn't dilute the medicine down to the dose a 40 gram (1.4 oz) rodent requires: 0.00008 fl oz of the painkiller, 0.00015 fl oz of the AB. The latter can be prepared in advance and keeps a week but the first keeps only a few minutes and therefore must be prepared fresh every day.
a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away

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