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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

I got the idea from the Eureka drama, which reminded me of the Farscape drama. I also recall how excited everyone was when W13 was renewed for season 4, and IIRC we were told how 4 would be extended to 20 eps, only to have that plan be repacked into 2 - 10 ep "extended" season. Such a plan led to these predictions...

Although its true W13 ran longer than FlashForward or Firefly on the major networks, that's not a fair comparison. With its 20 season 4 eps that gives 58 total for the series, vs 94 by the end of season 4 for ST Voyager (I have to relate everything to Voyager eventually. Its in the contract I signed for my pen name. ) or 172 eps by STV's 7th season end.
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